Monday, 6 July 2009

My Weekend

Well This Weekends Exploits Have Been Amusing, Insane And Teedious... Why Do I Feel The Need To Be Polite To People I Should Really Squash Like A BUG? Lol
... Well Friday Wasnt So Bad , To Be Fair, The Company Was Rather Good....Although.... *come round i'll make ya dinner, we can share a bottle and watch a dvd*.... Didnt Exactly Work Out That Way Did It? NOOOO Was More Of CrazyHell Cooks Whilst He Watched Episode Lol...I Know *he* Will Read This....*Points Yes YOU Mr Octopus hands lol*....Anyway I Decided I Needed To Vent And Get Some Stuff Off Me Chest, So I Was Putting The World To Rights And After A Couple Bottles Of Wine....I Realised All I Was Well Was Jus Tipsy, Which In Itself Werent A Bad Thing Coz Id Forgotten All About The Reason I Was Vexed Lol....But Shhh Between Me And U After A Few Bottles i Really Am Invisible Pmsl!!.... Now Ladies Some Free Advice Here....Never Goto A Mans House For Dinner Ect You Met Over The Internet To Watch A Movie About A Internet Serial Killer Pmsl....Kinda Has You Looking At Your Dinner Knife And A Escape Route HAHA!!!....Only Joking....* we shall call him Dave .. But Dave really wasnt ya smartest move to woo me lol and none of this i am the law patter neither lol*.... So Where Was I....Oh Yeah Im In A Weird Sort Of Mood, The Unsure, Uncertain But Equally Im Not Unsatisfied....Life Is Going Good Now If Im Honest....But Its Lacking Something, Their Isnt Any Excitement....Its The Same Old Same Old Daily Routine....How So I Hear Ya Squeal Ya Went Out For Dinner Friday And Had A Date Saturday.... *get to that in a minute lol*.... It Jus Seems Like Life Is Lacking Something ....*answers on a postcard if u know what*....Im Finding Myself Less Patient, Less Interested And Less Tolerent Of Certain People And Their Fucking ISSUES , I Find Myself Biting My Tongue And Wanting To Scream.... *sort it fucking out coz i dunt give a shit anymore!*....Wish I Didnt Feel Like This And I Could Shake This Feeling And Whats Going On In This Jumbled Old Head Of Mine!!!.... Anyway Onto More Humourus Things....My Date Saturday Night.... Thanks Too Two Interfering Members Of My Family And Their.... *u need to have someone special in your life for the millionth time talk*.... I STUPIDLY Agreed To Go On A Blind Date....Talk About Your All Time Awkward Silences....*yep for once i was left silenced lol*.... Now He Wasnt Bad Looking Even Took Me To A Nice Pub, Nice Food....*weird lookin country bumpkin folks in the pub lol*....Nice Beer....And Thats Was IT HAHA....The Convo Was As Interesting As Watching Paint Dry....When I Asked What He Did For A Living I Wasnt Expecting....*smash peoples heads in love i just got out from a 7yr stretch *....At Which Point I Think I Gulped A Double Vodka In Guiness World Breaking Time....So Its Safe to Say Their Will NOT Be A Second Date Although He Was Rather Keen Even Tho I Was Mouth Agape And Vacant Eyes All Evening....So Next Time A Dates Mentioned Or Setup Im Taking A Baseball Bat To Certain Persons Head HAHA....So Yeah Another Interesting Installment In The Facade Called My Life And I Havent Even Thought About Tackling Today Lol....


  1. Hell my dear. DO NOT LET SOMEONE TALK YOU INTO A BLIND DATE AGAIN! That was the most crazy date I've seen. I wouldn't dare do that.

  2. Thats Why Your NOT CrazyHell Lol!!!