Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Tits O'Clock

Well Its TITS O Clock!!! Im Over Tired, Over Thinking, Over FED The FUCK UP!! Ever Been On A Merry Go Round About You Think Is About To Stop But Then Suddenly Goes Round AGAIN!! Well Thats My Head...*sorry dancing in chair..random good tune on haha*...U Know My Attention Span lol!!
Soooooo Im Supposed To Dish All The Dirt On Me Day *watches peeps go running for the Hills lol* TRUTH.. Some Peoples Have Pissed Me RIGHT Off, Some Have Made Me Look, Laugh,Perplexed,Question Life,Wanna Kick Them LOL *we dunt discuss the peeps i have and wanna hit with me bat ;) *

I Woke Up This Morning With Same Feeling As Any Other Day *SHIT* haha..I Gotta Get Up And No Johnny Depp/Danny Dyer Beside Me!!!!!(surely a criminal offence lol)
I Stumbled Thru The MORNING Although .. I Do Have To Add Was Full Of Me Being And Playin The Party Well TOO Well Some Might Say LOL.. As A ARROGANT C*NT!!!!!! *he deserved it lol*
Im Off to See FRED DURST..Now If U Know Me Im Like A Kid On Blue Smarties When It Comes To Seeing Live Bands.. Ive Jus Come Back From DOWNLOAD *look it up fools lol* OMG Two Times In One Year!!! What Luck... Better Than The Luck Im Having Dating PMSL.. Right Well Its 3ish FFS I Gotta Be Up At 5am Lol.........Love To Those WHO Deserve It .. Rest Of Ya's FUCK OFF!! Im Done With LOSERS!!!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Shes Landed

Well after serious amounts of consideration , i felt it wasnt fair on the world to keep the thoughts in my head to myself lol!! ,and seen as im banned from most forums for being politically incorrect , i thought id start me own blog!! (Jenns fault lol) Hells little peice of the internet where i can jumble ya head with random , weird and inane thoughts as well as the odd piece of art thrown in haha! If ya expecting sense and maturity you stopped at the wrong blog the exit is >>>> that way dunt let the door hit ya ass on the way out!!! I have a opinion and whether you believe me to be right or wrong i expect you to respect it i may be a bit LOUD and swear alot but i DO respect other peoples views!! So lil bit about me.... Im a 35yr old single mum to 4 kids , they are wonderful and horrid lil sods at the same time lol but i couldnt be without them *thinks* well i could if Johnny Depp turned up in the Black Pearl for me lol!! I live in a supposed village and yes i am the idiot but i have more braincells than most round here, whom i just ignore anyway lol... Things thats are important to me my family and friends you cant get thru life without these people and you should love and cherish each one , i have a large internet family whom i love dearly they keep me kinda sane (you know who you are) ... My interests are music and art both of which i do daily!! as well as world domination, dancing on my chair and annoying the world in general! Cant think of anything else at the moment apart from welcome to my world..