Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Shes Landed

Well after serious amounts of consideration , i felt it wasnt fair on the world to keep the thoughts in my head to myself lol!! ,and seen as im banned from most forums for being politically incorrect , i thought id start me own blog!! (Jenns fault lol) Hells little peice of the internet where i can jumble ya head with random , weird and inane thoughts as well as the odd piece of art thrown in haha! If ya expecting sense and maturity you stopped at the wrong blog the exit is >>>> that way dunt let the door hit ya ass on the way out!!! I have a opinion and whether you believe me to be right or wrong i expect you to respect it i may be a bit LOUD and swear alot but i DO respect other peoples views!! So lil bit about me.... Im a 35yr old single mum to 4 kids , they are wonderful and horrid lil sods at the same time lol but i couldnt be without them *thinks* well i could if Johnny Depp turned up in the Black Pearl for me lol!! I live in a supposed village and yes i am the idiot but i have more braincells than most round here, whom i just ignore anyway lol... Things thats are important to me my family and friends you cant get thru life without these people and you should love and cherish each one , i have a large internet family whom i love dearly they keep me kinda sane (you know who you are) ... My interests are music and art both of which i do daily!! as well as world domination, dancing on my chair and annoying the world in general! Cant think of anything else at the moment apart from welcome to my world..

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